Blanche: Fat Pregnant Sex Doll

Blanche is a unique Pregnant Sex Doll, she will fulfill your fetish for pregnant women. She is a fat sex doll with more curves and orgasm face. Go ahead, stroke, squeeze, and fondle her pregnant stomach and luscious tits: she is turned on and aching for your touch to satisfy her needs.



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Material: Silicone
Skin Color: Natural
Product Size: 24*18*15(cm)
Weight: 4.15lb 1881g

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Blanche: Fat Pregnant Sex Doll

  1. Jason

    For this review, i’m going to do a short description of my impression, followed by the issues i have w/ it.

    Her orifice is nice, in an “all around” way. She feels good, but nothing that really stands out as a key feature of her design. For example, she does not have the sensation of coiling-around my member like the snake-girl has, or the super-snugness(tight) of the bunny girl. This doll’s vagina is just an all-around good sensation.

    Her belly/breasts/ass is solid (not hollow, incase that was a concern for potential buyers), but this has the downside of contributing to her weight, which makes her the heaviest of the 5 dolls i’ve bought from this site thus far. And her ass is very nicely designed. A nice “bubble butt”, but unfortunately it’s too small to do anything other then holding/squeezing it.

    The package also included a free drying stick and one of their newer display stands. Though a note on the stand, i think it would work better if it was an inch or so longer.

    Now to the 3 downsides of the design, 1 of which i would consider a personal taste issue, though.

    Her legs: They spread apart way too far. Resting on her back, the space between her ankles is 16.5 inches. This also has the negative side-effect of pulling her vaginal opening noticeably apart, so there is a possibility of permanent warping of the flesh in that area if l let her stay like that (i’m going to have to tie her legs closed at the knee’s, so her vaginal opening isn’t warped when she’s not in active use, this will also make her much more suitable for shelf space along w/ the other dolls)

    The garters/leggings that she’s designed to be wearing over her legs are also quite harder then the rest of her body, almost plastic-like in their texture. They’re also quite a bit shinier then the rest of her flesh. Not sure if this is due to the different design of the material, or if they are slightly releasing oil from the material.

    Her belly: This is my primarily-personal issue w/ the design. I got her knowing her belly was going to be big (she -is- a pregnancy-based doll, after all) but the images don’t really show just how big her belly really is. She looks like she’s mere hours, or even minutes, from birthing twins. If her belly had been reduced by a good 1/3, or a bit more, she would still look quite pregnant, but not so over-the-top as her design stands now.

  2. A***o

    great toy exactly what i wanted and fast shipping

  3. E**e

    Just super!!! I did not expect this!!!! The seller is a respect and respect.

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